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There are quite a few hang ups that the industry would have to get over, first (this seems appropriate) - I've not played ME, so I don't know how well they handle the differences of gender, but the fact that EDI is an AI that has a romance is interesting (and how it seemed to start before she received a body - she'd be an interesting study for gender presentation and reception, actually) - there was a thread in the Agent forums about romancing SCORPIO where we discussed the problems of AI and free will.
Ok, off-topic, but I still feel that this thread is a safe space for discussing topics which aren't all about cis- straight men all the time At the very lest they're less likely to come here and start making it all about them.
Edit: Found the SCORPIO thread.
EDI is a great example, but Jeff "Joker", her lover, is a good example too. He has Lobstein syndrome, so he is really out of the ordinary himself and a great character, if I may add. ME has a penchant and talent for implementing characters that are believable and not the usual cis-male chars and sexy ladies you'd see elsewhere. Okay, the girls wear tight outfits at times, but there's also Jack, and Shepard himself turns out gay, bi or straight in the last part, whatever you, the player, see in him. I'd love if SWTOR could pull something like that off, but it's an MMO with restrictions on character development after all, so maybe a single-player game would be better for implementing transgender people and give them the representation that they should have in games.

It says something about Bioware that despite them disappointing me in the way they handled SGRs in SWTOR, I still trust them the most of all companies out there to handle that matter tastefully and not sensationalist, given they make up their minds about it in time.