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01.24.2013 , 07:43 AM | #3

I'm tired of hearing folks complaining about EVERYTHING.
-If I join a WZ with a full optimized DG/Hazmat set, I hear them "GO USE THE RECRUIT GERA NOOB !!!".
-If I join a FP with a full optimized EWH set, I hear some "GET SOME PVE GEAR, NOON !".

And for the noob whiner : with the exception of 5 free tionese peices, how do I get PVE gear IF I DON'T JOIN ANY HM FP ?

On my first char, I got my PVP set before my Columi set. On my last char, I got my BH/Campign set BEFORE earning a single piece in PVP. Deal with it and stop spamming the forums about your nonsense.