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So I've returned to SWTOR after a bit of a break and it seems all the old Guilds I'd gotten to know and love have either faded away or split into pieces. Those I see left seem to be really hyper focused on only one aspect of the game. Are there are guilds on Jung-Ma, both Repub and Imp side, that actively do it all together? I mean Rated PvP, End Game Operations, and RP...? Sound off if you do all 3 please.
There are plenty of guilds that focus on all of the aspects of the game. Jen'jidai on the Imperial side is one of them.

We don't put it in any particular order, but we partake in RP/PVE/PVP. 95% of our members are playing together, whether it's our weekly WZs (sometimes Rated since we don't always get pops) on Monday and Wednesday; morning and night, our progression Operations on Tuesday through Thursday (Hardmode Terror from Beyond/Denova and Nightmare mode Denova, often times running back to storymodes to gain people some gear), or our RP events; Friday for our guild storyline and Saturday for a general social RP. There are random RPs throughout the week as well where anyone simply needs to ask for it.

I think the best kind of guild is the one that focus' on all aspects of the game, catering to casual and hardcore players. You get such a variety of people and it makes for some fun interactions. Not that guilds that focus on one thing are bad. There are some epic guilds on the server that are like that.

If you like, feel free to learn more about Jen'jidai on our website at OR check out our guild recruitment thread:

I hope you find what you're looking for. <3
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