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01.24.2013 , 06:58 AM | #1
Hey all ,

I am a Madness Assassin Level 47. I have played madness from about level 20 because I found it best for inflicting solo damage PVE. Now I am not far from my Level 50 and getting those Tionese comms and I am thinking I should respec as a tank instead of dps, purely for grouping with players. Don't want to stuck waiting for dps joins. Anyway - most of the choices I have made on my gear so far have been to add Willpower. I will now probably change to the Darkness skill tree to tank and should I then being picking all gear with a higher Endurance, as opposed to Willpower?

I play exclusively PVE and will roll an alt for PVP later on.

Anny input or advice people have would be great