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01.24.2013 , 06:36 AM | #1
One day i I was thinkng about 2 different crit outcomes for armors/weps/something and mods.

Some time ago crit crafting armor/wep was only way to have augment slot for item thus crit crafting such item u add a great value to it just for being lucky, cause item potential price were higher.

Items that could not have mods were just doubled, it was great too, added value from thin air.

But suddenly all mods become extractable and augment kits were introduced, thus limiting added value for crit crafted items with augment slot to basicly value of corresponding MK kit, in case of MK-6 like 30-50 k.

But items that duplicate on crit craft, especially mods started to produce a lot of added value from nothing, top ones (27) like 1 kk +.

Then I though there was something wrong there.

What you think? It it just eternal circle of nerfing buffing profs and wheel turned to cybertech (was cried about being UP and useless immensly here)?

Or there is some idea behind this order of things?