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What's the point of grabbing Dark Ward, I thought Charges required DBLSs?
Nope, Discharge requires a DBLS, but the charges work just fine apart from that. With Dark Ward for example, you can see when it steals life from your foe and gives it to you.

And regarding Flashpoints, PVP and that stuff: I don't really play those, so nothing to worry there.

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Just don't, this thread is as pointless as the thread about stacking Strength that happened a few months ago, then people actually spend time discussing it...just stop, please...
Why? Its just an experiment to see how well thought the design choice of nerfing electrostaves is and how far I can use this weapon while leveling up. Right now, it still makes fun playing a staff-wielding assassin, so why stop now? Because you say so?

Cheers, Niko
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