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01.24.2013 , 06:17 AM | #37
Here is the bigger problem honestly the Tank role and being a support/cc just needs to be made more attractive to play. even healing in pvp is more popular then tanking. My suggestion would be to treat the tank as a walking buff/debuff class that becomes a focus priority similar to healers. Leave the damage output in their gear abysmal and make their very existence a threat. Making the taunt damage debuff last longer and maybe adding more features to make guard more interesting or increasing the effectiveness of allies nearby. Bunch of ways you could make it more interesting but still rely on team mates to get kills. Right now your basically an added health bar for a healer and some damage mitigation. While i do admit sucking up damage from smash into a taunt can be seriously effective it doesn't seem to last long enough to be useful.

btw this is just some general ideas I didn't really work out the logistics of this.