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so am i getting this right?
we are only talking about white dmg, because yellow (tech/force) always hits

as stated, its an rpg, so we roll the dice, right?
1st roll: acc - deff
e.g. worst case - best case (guard/jugg)

90/91%(standard acc) - (33,xx% + 3%[riposte]) - 5%[debuff from smash/sweep] = 49/50% chance to hit me with:
execute, leap(which is nice to evade in huttball -> root), ravage, HiB, RS, maul, full auto, ... etc
if i pop my shield the deff goes even higher (100% in best case)

if he does not hit - well no dmg

if it hits

we roll a second time
crit versus shield with crit being dominant
crit can push shield off the table

e.g. 40% shield versus 80% crit chance results in 80% crit chance and 20% shield chance and 0% normal hit
well what are the odds
the dmg is adjusted accordingly with surge or if shielded with absorp and after that it goes through the armor rating
(if theres no crit or no shield then there will be just normal dmg)

with armor rating being the only tool to reduce yellow dmg (except several self buffs)
but do not expect them be comulative
e.g. invincible (40% dmg reduce), shield (25%) and if specced the self heal (15%) wont give u 80% dmg reduce

correct me pls if im wrong, happy to learn ^_^

pro pvp-tanking ftw!

edit says sry for that bad english its not my primary language - but i think ull get
Bro what are those "80 %" crit chances you are talking about?

1. Laze target - snipe has 100 % crit chance once per minute.
2. impale and shatter has chance to increase crit chance of vicious throw + 60 %.
3. Usual PT crit 30 % + 15 % set bonus on rail + 25 % explosive fules once in 2 minutes.

That's all? pffff ...