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01.24.2013 , 04:37 AM | #5515
The good news is there's almost no 'rewriting' involved, pretty much the only thing you have to do is change a few pronouns here and there, its not like they're going to change 'i love you' to 'i love you, but you're a girl so I'm gonna need some more gifts before we make our relationship official', or anything like that. Having played countless mods over the years, I know for a fact that the romances work just fine regardless of your character's gender, so long as there's no gender check in the way of your getting to play them. Probably the changes they talked about needing to deal with in regard to the different species will take more time and effort than the changes needed to deal with the different genders. So its certainly something they can do all at once, and super quick, if they're telling the truth about being inclined to do so, which I certainly hope they are.

Ive read that other thread, and while the ideas aren't 'bad' per se, they're just overwhelmingly more complex and time consuming than is necessary, there's no way they're ever going to go to all that trouble to change the whole way the romance system works, nor quite frankly should they. The romance system works just fine right now, it doesn't need changing, aside from the whole gender check thing. If they did it like Skyrim and had no gender check preventions we'd have 10 really good romances to choose from instead of 0, that sounds like a pretty awesome system to me. To try to create an entirely new system, housing on various planets for various new and old LIs, etc. just to solve a problem that can be solved by vastly, VASTLY simpler means, its just pointless to even discuss something like that as a serious suggestion. For those that enjoy doing so, that's great and keep having fun doing it, but the best solution is the simplest, let us play the romances that are already in the game. Don't radically change them, don't limit us to one or two, etc. just let us play what we want to play, the same way they do it in Skyrim, DA2, DD, etc etc etc there's nothing remotely complicated about that. Suggestions that are incredibly complicated aren't suggestions any of us really need to make, let's just keep it simple, so we can all get what we want, everybody wins.