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01.24.2013 , 03:18 AM | #19
Thanks Don... Nope spent hundreds on MedPacks / Making Med Packs and Stims of all Varieties and made sure Armour was topped up at all times. I take your point about Panels - I even went back and made sure I cleared the level of re-spawns each time inc. the R2s & Welders in the pit... Didnt see any other interactive panels though... What does this do? disable some of his kit? Dunno. I even checked up above to see if you can stealth him. Will def bear that in mind about the panels though....

TBH I had problems with TAVUS' ship as well before all this got locked in behind a blast door that was supposed to be green and wasnt (by Med Bay). In the end only way out was to "Fleet"... "Stuck" didnt work. I never got any answers for that one. Will be mega Paranoid next time I get sent to a Capital Ship though. One thing is for sure my advice is now NEVER leave it so long before raising tickets and if they dont respond raise another.