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And this is why being able to rip and pass bound mods in legacy gear is bad game design, as is being able to need on items that your current class cannot use.

Allowing people to run anything end-game content on character A, roll need on everything, then pass to their alts inevitably leads to more ninja looting, not to mention gearing alts too fast without ever doing any of the content on them.

Please note I'm not calling the quoted poster out on this for doing anything wrong as asking is always the best practice and this is how the game works today.

I just disagree with this model and would like to see Bioware figure out how to keep bound mods bound along with restricting need rolls to the player class which matches the loot such that most of this is no longer possible.
I like BoL because it allowed be to run a 49 WZ in half WH gear, made at least 4 people ragequit. But yeah, another example of how its broken.
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