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01.24.2013 , 01:09 AM | #5
So... After reaching level 26 I thought it was time for a small update.

This is my electrostaff-wielding assassin, Vidaar:

And here are my selected skills so far:

The only three abilities that I cannot use until now are:
- Maul (needs a double-bladed lightsaber according to tooltip)
- Discharge (needs a double-bladed lightsaber according to tooltip)
- Lacerate (this was a surprise as it is not stated in the tooltip that it would need a double-bladed lightsaber)

Charging the electrostaff is working as long as a dbls is equipped for the charging itself and weapons are swapped afterwards.

But, apart from that, I managed fine with a combination of Slash, Thrash and my stealth and electric force abilities. So fine indeed that for many foes I didn't even need my healing companion (or any companion at all for that). Until now at least... The only real downside with this limitation in usable abilities is, that killing even the lightest trash mob takes a looong time (compared to my vibrosword-wielding Juggernaut that can use all his abilities with that weapon...). And I really had looked forward to being able to add Lacerate to my rotation but it seems, the tooltips are not as reliable an information source as I thought...

Cheers, Niko
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