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Get DPS to kill weak/standard first, then strong, then elite, then champs. Clears out the room and makes things easier on tank and healer. If your DPS are good you can usually ignore most/all of the outliers.

Make sure any CCd targets are out of the main group. If its in the main group just aoe it. Tell them to cc farther out next time. If weak mobs are killed first, incoming damage shouldn't be a huge issue. Ptechs don't really have any "smart" aoe that will avoid cc(other than rail shot dot spread)

You can usually keep most mobs off a healer with a single rapid shots.

Make sure you are always the first person in combat. If people are CCing, charge when they are in mid cast.

Explosive dart is a stun on standard mobs, and will knock down others nearby. Can help for spread out pulls.

Don't spam your abilities so much that you overheat.

Don't be afraid to use your cool downs.
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