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Sorry but Focus/Rage spec, needs to be nerfed. Saying bubble stun needs to get nerfed when it is one of the only defenses a sorc healer/dps build has is stupid. Most ppl in wzs role jug/guardian smash spec and once overgeared and you have at least 2 on 1 team, odds aren't in your favor. AND it takes very little skill to actually play focus/rage spec. I don't think all its perk should be taken away but I think its overpowered. But then again they do have to cater to less skilled to keep them playing.
Both needs a nerf, I play a marauder Annihilation. I love annihilation but I'm playing carnage all the time, I can not play Rage because I think it's dumb as hell.
In 1.7 I expect roots will afect resolve, smash nerfed, bubble nerfed, 4sec stun from DPS removed. Only in tank and healing tree you'll have a 4sec stun in the 5th line of the tree.
Sniper/slinger, Assassin/Shadow DPS, Powertech/Vang DPS, Operative/Scoundrel DPS, Sorcerer/Sage DPS. If you are a DPS, no 4sec stun for you.
"But I'll not kill a healer alone..", a healer it's not supposed to be killed by just 1 DPS.
You'll lose your stun but the pvp will be funnier for everybody.