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this looks like a way for the organizer to get crazy rich, charging 2 mil per team, you get 12 teams and that covers the pot, so each and every one after that will be profit going into your pocket.

i would expect around 30 to 40 teams to sign up for this after having attended several dueling tournaments and seeing the response there for prizes of only 3mil max.

so lets say 35 teams sign up, (still a low ball figure)
thats 70 million credits and you use 25 million to pay the prize, thats a profit in your pocket of 45 million.

pretty nice wages for setting up a simple bracket and then watching duels you would have wanted to watch anyway.

what a rip off

You obviously haven't seen the prior dueling tournaments on these servers. 35+ teams would not be a low ball figure, it would be a miracle. That's like 175-200 people that would have to sign up, bad assumptions = bad made up facts.
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