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Sounds interesting!

Species: Epicanthix
Birth Planet: Panatha
Name: Vux Tuul
Gender: Male
Job/Rank: Sergeant and Combat Medic in the Army of the Republic

Physique/Appearance: Tall, muscular, light olive-colored skin, and green eyes. Scars all over his chest and back. Dark brown hair in a small braided ponytail. Imagine a grizzled veteran.

Equipment: Light Republic Armor, a powerful scattergun, and various first-aid/operating tools/devices.

Personality: Above all things, Vux demands professionalism. He strictly follows the orders of his superiors and likes to get the job done on a prompt schedule, disliking any sort of behavior that could potentially harm the military's plans. His strong sense of loyalty and determination makes him a worthy member of any team, and his courage puts him on the front line of any fight. He also has a great disliking of anything or anyone related to "the force"...even if the person is on the same side.

Bio: Vux was always raised to be a loyal member of the Republic's military, his parents living on Coruscant and his father already a member of the Navy. As he grew up Vux found himself being drawn away from his father's path of fighting in the skies and space, instead choosing to help the soldiers who fought and bled on the ground. As a private his extreme dedication to the Republic and his squad-mates immediately put him in the spotlight of his superiors, who elevated him to a small leadership role and showed him off to others as the ideal soldier.

It was on his first mission as a squad leader that he first came into direct contact with force-users, having to defend an outpost from a group of Imperial troopers led by a devious Sith warrior. The warrior cut through his men almost effortlessly, and captured him along with the outpost. He spent the next few days as the Sith's personal punching bag, being constantly tortured by the madman who was infuriated by Vux's genetic immunity to mind-based abilities. It wasn't until a large Republic force arrived to retake the base that the Sith was finally killed and Vux set free.

Afterwards he was given a medal for his bravery and sent to train new recruits...until a new mission arrived that seemed suited to his genetic resistances and new-found hatred of all things Sith.

Sorry for the length
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