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Chapter 5

The Prism- Solitary Confinement

The Neural Dampeners of The Master's cell projected their energy around him, creating a field around him, preventing him from extending his will and unleashing The Force. He spent much of his time testing the strength of the field, but it proved considerably more difficult than he expected. But he was not concerned. His students were going to deal with the dampeners.

The cold, hard surface of his bed proved little comfort as he laid on it, staring at the rusted ceiling. The Master heard prisoners yell from the isolation of their cells, begging for freedom. Fools, freedom would never be given to them. They were trapped him, but he would liberate them. Of course their liberation would be unintentional, but the denizens of The Prism could prove useful. Very useful.

*** *** *** ***

Nal Hutta- Palace of Ardunna The Hutt

She stared defiantly at the crimelord. "I will complete your challenge, Hutt!" With her father's departure, the music of Ardunna's Chamber resumed and the patrons resumed their discussions.

Ardunna reached his slimy hands into the large bowl next to him and pulled out some sort of slime covered insect. He stuffed it into his mouth and slurped it down. <"Little girl is eager!"> He bellowed out a laugh, the foul stench of his breath filled her nose.

She held her breath for a moment and exhaled. "I don't have time for this. What is the challenge?" She took a deep breath at the first sign of relatively clear air.

Ardunna laughed again. <"The challenge is grueling. Little girl will not survive."> He coughed and spit up some of the insect he had eaten. The small pieces of the insect fell to the ground with a sickening sound.

The Harbinger held in a gag. "I don't care what you think Hutt, I have business elsewhere." Despite the sickening feeling she had, she remained defiant of the Hutt's insults and foul being. "What is the challenge?" She was growing tired of the Hutt's attitude, her anger was rising.

Ardunna let out a loud groan. <"Little girl must earn respect of entire Hutt Cartel by participating in galactic competition: The Battlezone!">

"The Battlezone?" She had heard of the gladitorial competition that the Hutt Cartel held. It was a barbaric sport that was broadcasted across Hutt Space and was viewed by degenerates across the galaxy. She let out a long sigh at the thought of competing. "Very well, Ardunna. I'll play your little game." She stepped closer to the Hutt's dias and parted her robes to reveal the two lightsabers on her belt. "But if you don't hold up your end of the bargain, you won't live long enough to hide from my father."

The room fell silent until Ardunna's laughter broke that silence. <"Little girl have spirit. She do well in the Battlezone!"> He waved his floppy arms at the Gamorreans. <"Take little girl to guest chambers. She wait there.">

The Gamorreans rushed to her side and squeeled for her to follow them. The Evocii slave that had been at her side throughout her meeting with Ardunna followed as well before being grabbed by the pale Twi'leks that had escorted her to the Palace. She quickly turned around and pulled out one of her lightsabers. "He stays with me." She took pity on the creature and sought to liberate him from this place. The Twi'leks backed off and let the Evocii go.

She clipped the hilt back on her belt and returned to the Gamorreans, who escorted her out of Ardunna's Chambers.

*** *** *** ***

The Prism- Maximum Security- Sector 7

The Soldier paced his large cell, his robes covered in the blood of the inmate he had just killed. The body of the Aqualish inmate lied slumped against the cell's back wall. The Aqualish's blood soaked the wall he leaned against, as well as the bunk-bed and the floor.

The screams, cheers, and boos of the inmates inhabiting the surrounding cells defeaned him, and alerted the guards to his actions. At least seven guards ran from several posts to investigate. As they approached, The Soldier sat down on the bottom bunk of the bunk-bed. The Ray Shield of his cell vanished as the seven guards entered the cells. One of the guards fired a stun round from his blaster pistol, knocking The Soldier back and incapacitating him. His vision blurred, his head pounded and his ears were numbed.

The guards lifted the dead inmate and carried him out of the cell. One of the guards covered the blast shield of his helm with his right hand. "Sith's blood!" His muffled voice was shaky as he spoke. "I didn't sign on for this!" He ran out of the cell, stopping to reactivate the Ray Shield before running back to his post.

The Soldier's mind reeled still from the blast, but he could feel his mind recover. Thoughts began to race through his mind. He knew they would send him to Solitary Confinement, as he had planned. He desired to be away from the masses of prisoners, to be alone, to meditate on The Master's plan. The plan had confused him. How could being captured be apart of the plan? The disturbances of the prisoners prevented him from contemplating the grandness of The Master's plan.

But he would know what the plan entailed, whether The Master wanted him to or not.
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