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I found a species!

Species: shistvanen,
Name: Lukarna,
Gender: Female,
Job: scouting, protecting the VIP, [the revanite,]
OOC class would be: smuggler,
personality: Brash, a 'lone wolf' [sorry for the bad joke,], does whatever she can to get the job done.
Home world: Tatooine,
Born on Tatooine, she would always be exploring around as a child, when she was the age of 16, her parents were killed by tuskan sand raiders, so she began to free lance for the local hutt, [I know Jabba's not there, but there must be a Hutt right?] after a while she became a bit too 'rash' for his liking, so he sent her out on a mission involving two guards, they went to the position they were supposed to go to. then they turned on her, one of the guards there, one she had came to like, also shot her, he had a viscous grin as he did, she was left in the sand near death, when a republic squad arrived, they injected her with kolto, and stitched her wounds up. she awoke on courasant, after that day she never trusted anyone, [hence the lone wolf] and has been helping the republic scout out un discovered planets. she is also very skilled with hand to hand combat, and with blaster snipers and rifles,
"Inside of everyone huh? sounds a lot like Madness" - The Kinshin Asura,