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The time is nearing to test your PVP combat skills, wit, and team building prowess in the first ever...
Brought to you by:
<Rude Dudes>/<Rude Boys>

Format: The Dark Tournament will match teams of 5 against each other in 1v1 battles with the first team reaching 3 victories taking the match. The winning team will advance to the next round and the losing team will go home. Fighters from each team may only compete in one battle per match.

Team Structure: Teams will consist of 5 players. Imperial and Republic blended teams are allowed. Each player must be unique within the group in his/her Advanced class (and its opposite faction mirror). I.E. two Shadows on a team will not be allowed. A Shadow and an Assassin on a team will not be allowed. A Shadow and a Sage is allowed. Teams may compete with less than 5 members, but the team will be disqualified from the match if the team fails to reach 3 wins once all team members have participated in a battle.

Team Match Rules: Each team will submit a fighter for the first 1v1 battle to the Match official after both teams have been announced for a match and have full knowledge of what team they are facing. After the first battle, the winning team is required to select and send out its next fighter first, with the losing team being required to select and send out its next fighter within 20 seconds of the winning team's next fighter being announced. Exceeding the time limit for submitting the next fighter will result in forfeiture of the 1v1 battle with the opposing team's announced fighter retaining eligibility for another 1v1 match. The order in which the two teams submit their fighters for the next battle will always be based on the outcome of the previous battle (excluding the opening battle and battles that are ended by forfeiture via rule violation. Fighter selection for the battle immediately after a forfeiture via rule violation will be decided by the outcome of the battle prior to the forfeit battle. If the first battle of the match ends in a forfeiture of any kind, the two teams will re-submit two new fighters to the official to replicate the conditions of the first battle).

1v1 Battle Rules: Consumables (grenades, adrenals, medpacs, on use relics) will not be allowed. Officials will be present watching buff bars and using any of these items will result in forfeiture of the current battle. Stimulants will be allowed as well as class buffs. Companions and the use of Heroic moment abilities will not be allowed. Vanish-Sap-Recouperating (see post #2 for details) will not be allowed in any match and doing so will result in immediate forfeiture of the current battle. A time limit of 10 minutes will be placed on each battle. If a battle exceeds the time limit. the battle will be declared a draw and the two fighters will lose their eligibility for another battle within the match. If the battle that ends in a draw is the fifth and final match, the two teams will submit a fighter to the official for one final deciding battle for which any team member will be eligible. Any forfeiture of a 1v1 battle because of rule violation will result in the opposing team's fighter participating in the forfeited battle retaining eligibility for another battle.

The Prize: The winning team will take home a guaranteed minimum purse of 25 million credits which will increase as the number of competing teams increases. Not to mention bragging rights for what will be the most prestigious award within the PVP community...CHAMPIONS OF THE DARK TOURNAMENT!

Entry Fee: The entry fee for each team will be 2 million credits.

Venue and Time The tournament will be held in the Voss neutral grounds on Sunday, February 10th with the first Match beginning at 1:00PM Eastern Standard time.

Registration: The Dark Tournament will be hosted by <Rude Dudes> Republic guild. Contact Gary with your team name, team captain and members and their classes or make forum post to get into contact with me. Registration can also be made via in game mail addressed to Gary (Rep. side) or Gayray (Imp. side)with the required information (team name, captain, and participating members and their classes). Registration fees will be collected at the time of registration and registration will remain open until February 9th at 11:59 PM EST, the day before the tournament begins. Team member changes will be allowed until the end of registration.

Gary was here. Ash is a loser!
<Rude Dudes>