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The biggest problem is player mentality - we always remember the bad streak runs and forget when we got three in a row. The good and the bad balance out over a LONG period of time AND across ALL players who RE; you may be in the middle of a bad streak but the player righht next to you may have gotten two schems in a row.

Not me I hardly ever complain about Res I do , and most I do I get the schematic some times one try ,sometimes 15 ether way if I want that Schematic I don't give up till I get it .. isn't that the thrill of it all seeing those big green letters ...
I will say thu latly I don't get as many crtis but its not a complaint because when I do I make close to 10 mil off the crits so not a complaint , l love how the trades work in this game and am a little worried at how bad the nerfs are gonna be in rhe expac , that worries me more then no REed Schematics ...