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First and foremost, both are perfectly capable tanks as long as you put the effort in to learn them and gear them. So there is a good chunk of playing what you like that is important.

I raid regularly with at least 1 VG tank, and I have a 50 Guardian that I recently retired from tank spec.

As for the general consensus, the VG is generally considered the "easier" of the 2 two play. They have fewer cooldowns which are mediocre whereas the Guardian has some very good defensive cooldowns. However you don't need the cooldowns as much as a VG because the VGs have the most armor mitigation of all of the tank classes.

VGs have better AOE aggro management IMO because they have more AOEs to use, plus they have both a pull and a leap, whereas Guardians only have a leap. VGs also have more ranged abilities than Guardians, however calling the a "ranged tank" is a misnomer because VGs are most effective at 4m or less just like Guardians and Shadow tanks. ST aggro management both can hold mobs jsut as well, however it's generally considered a bit more difficult to manage resources on a Guardian than a VG because of the way their resources and mechanics work.

Ultimately both can get the job done and when played well do a great job, so ultimately pick what sounds most attractive to you and get great at it.
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