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I dropped that skill off my build, too many force powers bypass it for it to be of much use. Same with the shield cleansingmovement imparing effects. I use my shield and I'm still moving at 30%, now I'm dead and it's on a super longccooldown.
Degauss is so huge for me. It turns a so-so shield ability into a life saver. Have you ever been lept at and gotten Ravaged....suddenly to find you can't move out of range? Degauss!

Ever cross the fire in huttball and get rooted when your stun breaker is down? Degauss! You should also have 1 point in energy rebounder. Its fine to leave it at 50% chance because you take damage so frequently, the 50% chance is irrelevant. One person using rapid shots on you hits you, what, 3 times? Thats almost a guaranteed proc right there. One of the three 50% chances will succeed (usually).

If you don't have Degauss, you have 2 points in the Alacrity skill, the Stealth Scan skill, or the Head Reduction while Stunned. I don't see how any of those 3 skills are even remotely in the ballpark as one of our main escape moves. The shield is available much more than stun breaker is, due to energy rebounder.

And if you dont have any points in Energy Rebounder or Automated Defenses, you have even more points in the less usefull skills above. These are huge for me, in my build.
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