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01.23.2013 , 06:37 PM | #11
Oh and if in guildchat, you dont' know what members are actual adults or children. Would you want your children subjected to your racism, profanity, etc? Then wy subject other children? I have refrained from getting on any other vent channels since the first guild I was in, True Dignity True Respect, cussed me out and threatened me. He/She (who sounded like a child) was frustrated with his computer and I made a joke in guildchat (my mic wasn't working) about anger management, to use a hammer instead of a fist. Even after I apologized for HIS taking offense at something meant innocently and to laugh with, he/she kept on. And no one to my knowledge told him to stop or got on his case for his behavior and treatment of a new guildmember. I bet if it was a guildmember acting like that, they would have been consequences. Apparently IT was the guildmaster. Thats another reason that I get selective on which guild. I thank you for your question about "why and that you prefaced with all respect and not to cause..." I hope I've answered your question to the best I can.