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Since tanks are wearing dps gear now due to the fact shield and absorption is completely useless in pvp, it's hard to say if this will be fixed or not...if at all!
It's not entirely useless. All of the mods/enhancements stack a ton of endurance, so more endurance will keep you alive longer in pvp. Furthermore, if you're fighting a marksmanship sniper/carnage mara/deception sin (mostly), stacking a ton of defense/shield will help you to avoid a lot of the melee/ranged attacks or at least shield/absorb what you don't avoid. So it has some benefit.

Of course, if you're going up against an operative/sorc/etc classes that use exclusively force/tech attacks, the shield/absorb/defense won't do anything, but your armor rating will reduce the amount of damage you take and the extra endurance will keep you alive longer to take more hits.

I have a ton of endurance on my jugg tank, helps me stay alive a lot longer, I do very little damage, but I stay alive longer, so definitely useful in huttball.
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