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Wouldn't stop the QQ'ing as the person with the right to roll Need would do so just for his companion or alt...
This would only in that case apply to 2 advanced classes out of 16. A very acceptable situation until a more thorough solution can be made. I still stand by that changing the option to only be able to need if it something your character can use is the best solution. Greed can easily be used for every other item, and in special cases a simpel communication regarding the item can be the solution if someone wants it for a companion,

Quote: Originally Posted by Monoth View Post
General Rule is Need if it's an upgrade for YOU, and roll Greed for companion or an alt.... I usually pass if I can't use it one way or another to let other people who want them for their companions to get it...
Yes, you and me understand that but I would say that the majority of the playerbase does not. Many other successful MMOs out there has implemented loot restriction to huge success without any complaints. It is time ToR does so aswell.

Only this evening I have seen: Scoundrel needing and taking aim items. A warrior that thought a epic willpowerbarrel was more suitable for his lightsaber, and finally a trooper that thought that strength helmet would look awesome on him. Everything taken by need option when other characters in the team could have used it with great benefit.

The ninjas all ended up on ignore ofcourse.

So basicly, we can all pretend that there is some kind of "general rule" out there but fact is that there is not. What Bioware needs to do is change this anarchy lootsystem into something innovative and creative, I am 100% certain it will make more happy players in the long run.