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Star Wars is more "space fantasy" than "science fiction". The overwhelming majority of the characters and themes are derived from Ancient Greek literature and theater. Watch "Clash of the Titans" (the original not the remake) and the SW: OT side by side and you'll see what I mean.

The whole concept of the lightsaber is a dead giveaway . The "Knights in shining armor" of the European middle ages did not use bows and crossbows; those weapons were for commoners. The same thing can be said of the Jedi; Obi-Wan said it himself in E3, "Blasters, so uncivilized." The Jedi philosophy is also very Shaolin from Ancient Asia

As to your specific complaints about the game:

Speeders - speeders allow you to travel twice as fast as normal running. the Sprinting ability increases your running speed by 30%. So yes, the speeder speed increase can seem a little underwhelming. You are probably used to WOW flying mounts that travel 320% normal speed which is a huge increase. But remember in WoW legacy/vanilla the fastest mount was only a 100% speed increase. same as SWTOR is now And maybe with the expansion we will get a new rank of piloting and faster speeders.

Dead Worlds - find a SW galactic map online and you will see that "in reality" (based on the EU) what in game appears to be sparse is not really sparse at all. But that is what expansions are for . If they put the thousands of worlds in game right from the start there would be no where to grow. And if they put the worlds in and did not "populate" them then players would complain. Best to leave space open and fill in later. (here's a google link:

Weapons - that is probably due to the costume design modeling and the total lack of budget in the 1970's when ANH was filmed (they had $6 million when the average film budget was over $20 million at that time). And for the sake of consistency, the modeling has continued. And in game, we are playing in a time thousands of years prior to the movies so there has to be some sort of "regression" to make the timeline fit. That being said, all the technology in game is remarkably similar to the movies so that players are "reminded" this is in the Star Wars universe (one of my early comments as I was watching the intro scenes was that technology hasn't advanced much in 3000 years .)

ground shields - in the star wars universe maybe individual shielding is cost prohibitive. You can make up any "excuse" you's fantasy after all .

Ships - in this game ships are intended as transport from point A to B, not much more. customization might come eventually and again that is what expansions are for .