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I'm enjoying all the Story So Fars! I ought to do one for the Kodrevas clan but I'm working on something else. More on that in a minute.

Iryfindel: I remember that conversation. My smug was more amused than annoyed. I really liked your take on Corso's blunder and the sexy way he can find his confidence. I really should like Corso more.

bright_ephemera: I almost wish I didn't know about the Quinncident. I would love to play my FemWar all the way through, falling in love with Quinn, and being blindsided. At the same time, I totally want to play my M!War in a way that has him totally not buying Quinn's presence and loathing him from the get go. But, I do know, and this is how I could see it playing out. However, I am in agreement with hoyden. You need a SithWar 12 step program, <3

Also, on Mellekor and Vette, if you do decide to pursue his story, he's lost something precious. One day he'll realize and people will die. Sad.

Kabe: Incredible storytelling. I'll never tire of the twists and turns you think up using characters we met for three minutes. Bravo.

So. I created a Tumblr account and Kabe advised me to use it for things that aren't only following her. So I've decided to write a fan fic that doesn't have to do with the 8 storylines by way of the main characters. I'm going to use the Tumblr account to post the story with screenies from the game. This is just a teaser, falling into the category of The Story so Far. ><


Yay, writing.
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