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if i understood it correctly, you flip the lag switch while stealthed. then you can unstealth and cap the door and the server still shows you being stealthed. In essence, you cap the door while in stealth.

I could be wrong, but i had my camera on the door the whole time, and there was nobody there. as soon as the bomb was capped he appeared for an instant then stealthed again...

Again this was on the first server i was on. and it was a long time ago.
They fixed this AWHILE back and it wasnt a lag switch some people did it without even knowing aka guild vs guild. There was A LOT of bugs back in the day their is still an issue with some mechanics I.E. Juggs leaping and making it seem like they are lagging out/untargeteable when in reality its a server issue and not the person pressing something or flipping a switch its been out since launch still have yet to fix it
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