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01.23.2013 , 04:15 PM | #45
Honestly, they need to list all the features soon that will be in it. I want to buy it but just a planet and a few levels isent enough for the 10 bucks imo. For a expansion it should have more then what they are currently stating, i personally think it should run along the lines of:

1. New Planet - This has been confirmed.
2. New Levels - This has been confirmed.
3. New Story Quests - Hasent been confirmed if i am correct.
4. Two New PvP Warzones - No confirmation.
5. One-Two New Ops - No confirmation.
6. One-Two New Flashpoints - No confirmation.

This is what i think should be made in the expansion without a doubt about it. Just a planet that looks decent along with quests is no where near the money. They still havent said anything about the extra stuff but hopefully they do sometime soon for i can make my decision .