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If this was our future, we have to remember that that future will be lived in. These advances have been around for TENS of thousands of years. What are we using today, that was also used 10,000 years ago? Even the most modern version of that is quite antiquated. So yea, once technology gets to the point of being ancient, it's going to look old, no matter how you wanna spice it up.

In space, there is ALWAYS a frontier. There are always more worlds to explore, more cultures to encounter, more far out of the way places where the margins of society dwell.

As for tech, there is always more tech to counter the new tech that comes out. We developed steel swords, then invented chain armor to counter it. We developed chain piercing arrow to get through the chain, so they made plate armor. We developed spiked maces to open up the steel can, and they fluted the armor to make it more resistant to both piercing and bludgeoning. Then we brought over gunpowder from the East to make guns...

Star Trek is a future utopia, which Star Wars never became. The same with Mass Effect, shield were nothing more than rationalizing a game mechanic so that you don't die quickly.
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