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Small number? Try the entire frigging server. Minor rollback? Nearly 3 hours of progress. Bioware's version of the event differs dramatically from the paying customer.
I for one was not affected, so it's most definitely not "entire frigging server". Although several guildies were affected, although luckily in our case I've recieved the pieces of loot which dropped during the rollback period, as such we didn't lose anything (beyond a kill status in some of the members lockout overview for this week).

However, it's most definitely unfortunate that stuff like this happens. It'd be nice if for these sort of purposes there'd be some form of "offline logging" on the player's end, which records things such as drops, accomplishments, etc. So in case of a rollback if people lost something of great value, a report could be submitted to which such a log would be attached for BioWare to view.

Question is of course, how to keep it safe, encrypted and prevent any tinkering with it. However, something like that would be a much welcomed change.

Unfortunately though, I doubt it's ever going to come. Rollbacks have been a part of MMO's ever since their existance. And I can't recall playing a single MMO where I haven't experienced an occasional rollback myself either. The response is always the same as well, nothing can be done to be of assistance.
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