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Your 1st two points are pretty much game related things, land speeders in SW travel between 100 to 250 kilometers.

Luke's X-34 Landspeeder for instance went 250 kilometers an hour which is 155 mph. So that is fast, besides you don't really need to be doing anything over 100 in speeders anyway otherwise you could end up crashing your speeder.

For weapons...there are disruptor rifles which are disintergrators. Some are based off of WW 2 weapons, however there are weapons that look completely different from them. The DC-17m Interchangeable Weapons System for example, the WESTAR-M5 blaster rifle, the TC-22 blaster rifle, DC-15s side arm blaster, etc

Personal shield tech? Well looking at that its quite simple, and actually there is a reason for it which is this.

While never widespread during the Jedi Civil War (usually being issued to small, elite strike teams) the technology eventually disappeared almost entirely. Little information exists as to why, but Admiral Carth Onasi was heard to speculate that in the future blaster technology might "catch up" to shield technology. As blasters became increasingly effective against shields, producing effective shields would most likely become increasingly difficult and expensive, until it was no longer feasible to build shields for everyday use.
The ship bit, again is more of a game thing then anything else. Looking at the different ships in SWU, they actually do look different from the rest.
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