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all my post was intended to point out is that ^^^this^^^ attitude is a matter of opinion, given all of the words that i have seen blocked out with the chat filter on, I really don't see where all this room for getting uppity about language is coming from...not to mention the fact that ignoring people makes it nice and easy to not even see the constant ******* bleep outs...

End argument for me:
I, personally, believe people these days are far too easily offended in a world that is nothing but offensive to most...
feel free to disagree, it is your prerogative..
And this is where your subjective opinions get run over by objective rules. My attitude isn't a matter of opinion. The fact remains that at my son's birthday party, I make the rules....just the same as Bioware (and any MMO maker out there) make objective do's and don'ts for its community to choose to follow. If they choose NOT to follow them, then action CAN be taken against the offenders if they are reported for said bad behavior.

Whether people are offended by constant bleep outs or resent having to turn off chat because of the constant barrage of gutter speech is immaterial. I do feel free to disagree with you and I maintain that you are free to choose to NOT be offended by hate speech. It doesn't change the truth that Bioware's TOS back up my position and that makes me FREE to report bad behavior.

You cited the First Amendment to defend bad behavior and to maintain people are too easily offended. This is a weak argument and I would be interested to see how you back it up.
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