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Well, most of the things you listed have much to do with SWTOR specifically and not all the Star Wars movies/books/shows etc...

As for Star Wars as a universe; i agree. it doesn't feel too high-tech or futuristic (Like Mass Effect). It does feel a lot different, in a way.

I'd disagree on planets and ships being bland in the universe as a whole. There's plenty of variety there (Though again, you're probably mostly addressing the game's bland representation of said ships/mounts, rather than the entire collective universe of SW).
No yea, you're absolutely right. I guess my quarrels are mostly with the star wars universe itself not just swtor.

I guess (to me) the mass effect universe seems more futuristic in a sense of the "techyness" and how it was mostly based around real life physics. Like if you ever wanted to know how the normandy got around in FTL travel, you could go to the codex and learn about element-zero. They gave you an actual sci-fi explanation of how the physics and everything worked.

In star wars, "O how do lightsabers work." Well, you put a crystal in the hilt, use the force, and bam! I know that's probably not entirely how it works but I'm sure you see the difference .
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