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Unfuturistic. I guess this is not just relatable to SWTOR but to the movies as well. Everything just seems fake and not inspired by anything that is extremely high-tech. I know for the most part things *seem* futuristic, with coruscant, droids, space travel. But they don't (atleast for me) *feel* futuristic. I'll point some stuff out to help illustrate my point.

- Speeders: Why do these go painstakingly slow? I remember getting my first speeder, I was so excited to finally be able to travel at high speeds. That is until I actually saw the movement speed.

-Dead worlds: Anyone else feel as if the outer rim worlds are a little bare and empty? I just can't put my finger on it.

-Weapons: For a civilization that has colonized almost the entire galaxy, why are we still using weapons that look like we just got them out of a world war 2 museum? I mean come one... where are the haze beams, or disintegration rays?

-Lack of ground shields-: You would think that every personnel carrying a fire arm at least would have some basic form of shielding tech that protects them from enemy fire. Something like Mass Effect.

-Ships: Bland, bland and more bland. I feel like the ships are just places that take you from point A to point B. Wheres the customizable options? Surely with all the corporations and businesses on Corellia have designed adding and taking apart ship parts. Not to mention color hues and weapon designs.

I'm sure I can think of more but I'll stop for now. I mean this as by no means an attack on Star wars, I think it's a great game, I just feel like its missing a lot of stuff that you would think a civilization that has almost conquered the entire galaxy would have.

I guess it just doesn't have that *feel* like Im in the future warding off high-tech enemies. Things like Star trek, or Mass Effect really do the job well done in this aspect imo. And that is to say that in the Mass Effect universe, the time is only like a century and a half from where we are at now.

Anyone else share this?
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