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This thread will Be the sign ups first then I will start the Story. Every so often I will throw in events that will impact the story as a whole. Anyone can join however this is a Republic mission and the enemies will be NPC’s. You can interact with enemies and control their actions with your character only. You can kill any enemy that’s not marked in orange. .I will say when Orange enemies can be killed. For sign ups just say your character's class, race, name, rank or title, and a little bit about them. The group size is 4-5 people excluding me. Any questions feel free to post them =)

Location: Belsavis Prison

(I will be playing the Revanite)
The group must enter the dangerous section X and track down a dangerous sith lord. The Republic has tracked this Sith with the help of the Order of Revan. They took a special intrest in this dangerous sith and request that a team find him in Section X and stop him. They have sent a Revanite to meet with the group at overlook camp. The group will meet him there and board a shuttle that will take them to their destination………
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