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SO how do you beat the bully?

Solution: You take the bully's power away. Turn off gen chat, /ignore people, /report them, create tickets stop being lazy, and for the love of pete don't respond to them. Responses give them fuel to test their constant douchey behavior.

Props to all the people who choose to behave in a responsible constructive manner i'm on your side.

-Ifo 50 Seer The Shadowlands
+1 good sir. This this this. While I loathe the idea of being forced to isolate myself from the general population just to avoid the few unimaginative mouth breathers whose presence taints general chat, I concede it is the only option at times. But if I do find myself unfortunate enough to see what has become par for the course in SW:TOR general chat, I will exercise my rights and report.

I don't want to look at naked middle aged women pole dancing, so my tendency is to stay out of nudie bars. It's my responsibility to stay out of such locations if I wish to be protected from viewing sad pathetic women shaking their behinds for equally sad pathetic men. However, I wouldn't hesitate to call the cops if Lady Godiva showed up at my 12 year old's birthday party.

An MMO is like my 12 year old's birthday party. Freedom of speech and expression do not apply.
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Are you playing TOR on an Atari Potato?