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01.23.2013 , 02:10 PM | #12
Don't touch my Defense gear. I'll take it anyday of the week over Dps gear. If I guard a healer I can easily take on 4-5 people at once almost indefinatly on my Jugg. The problem is people think "Useless" is anything under 300k dmg in a warzone.

When i'm doing 200k dmg and 200k protection in a warzone that's far from useless. Most days when I'm in full tank gear pugging it up It's hilarious to see some Jugg come up and smash me for like 3k and go ***? Then I proceed to whittle em down and kill em. Im in a warzone to help play defense, most people are playing offense but at the end of the game, my Objective score and medals are almost always higher than anyone elses. It's funny having nearly the entire team on the other side beating on you as you casually walk across the firepit and into the endzone while they are trying to kill you in Hutball. I like being Indestructible.