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If you want regulation because you don't like that others can act in a way that you find deplorable, then tough. If it were that easy then I would report everyone that complains in gen chat about what others are saying because I find that more deplorable then what is being said by some 12 yr old that doesn't get enough attention from mommy and daddy so he has to use trolling to get people to talk to him.
No, it's NOT that 'tough'. If enough people like me report TOS violations WHEN they occur, then the offensive parties and undesirable element will hopefully be slapped with suspensions. I don't whine about it, I simply use the tools available to me.

People who report ACTIONABLE offenses won't get in trouble just because you don't like following rules set in place. Chat logs won't condemn them....they condemn the rule breakers. Get over yourself.

So IS that easy.
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Are you playing TOR on an Atari Potato?