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01.23.2013 , 01:44 PM | #124
Agreed, people using the internet as a shield against consequences is lame. I feel sorry for all those people who feel that attention gained by stupidity is ok. It really makes me wonder just how old some of these people are. I'd like to assume they are teenagers (lets face it teenagers are a rowdy dis-respectful bunch these days) My parents are baby boomers and they even say today's teenagers have worse mouths and attitudes than ever before. Yet, it would be closed-minded to assume one age group is the culprit. It makes me ask, "would you talk to your mom with that mouth?" The usual response is "my mom's dead" or "no but i'll use it on your mom tonight" type of response. REALLY? Other's response to why they troll in general, "I have a ****** job, ****** life, someone else screwed it up for me, therefore I have a god given right to persecute any and all I feel deserve it." REALLY? Come on people grow up.

I'm not trying to defend them of course, however, in any argument both sides must be represented

Sadly, nothing I can do or say will change the attitudes of some people. Lets face it, some people are jerks who don't care about anything other than themself and their own happiness. They don't care that they offend someone. Offending people makes them laugh, which is why the continue to do it.

SO how do you beat the bully?

Solution: You take the bully's power away. Turn off gen chat, /ignore people, /report them, create tickets stop being lazy, and for the love of pete don't respond to them. Responses give them fuel to test their constant douchey behavior.

Now we can all hope that someday I learn to teleport and said trolls find themself getting noses slammed into keyboards from behind everytime they start up. Trust me I wish I could do us all this favor. Alas with great power comes great responsibility and if I could teleport trust me i'd be saving people, not hammering trolls faces into their keyboards over and over again. But we can all have hopes and dreams.

Props to all the people who choose to behave in a responsible constructive manner i'm on your side.

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