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WEDNESDAY Night Datacron Expedition & World Boss Hunt

The Third Season of the Former "Tuesday Night Datacron Expedition & World Boss Hunt" will now be on Wednesdays (had to change due to RL conflict) starting on Wednesday Jan 23rd, 2013. We will be starting out on Hutta/Korriban and working our way up through the planets getting all the datacrons and hunting the world bosses as possible (and other elite mobs and pretty much everything that gets in our way). We end the season with a run for the +10 to all stats datacrons.


Days: Wednesday Nights

Who: All players across the server (Ebon Hawk) are welcome. We provide protection for low level players on the higher level planets, so as long as you have a ship you're welcome to come along for the whole season or any part of it, regardless of level. (Except for Quesh, where your character must be 33, I believe....but except for that one all the rest are accessible). You do not need to make it every Wednesday, come when you would like to.

Contact: Ratlash or meet up at Interfleet cantina in the middle (instance 1) just before 9PM EST or send a tell to Ratlash if you're going to be late and need an ops group invite at any time.

This adventure RP is done mostly "in character" and a fun way to get in some light RP and meet new people, even if you already have the datacrons. If you would like to integrate your character's story more into the season, just let Ratlash know how she can help!

If you have trouble jumping/balancing and doing the tricky maneuvers to get the datacrons, fear not! We have some good people with "grappling" or pulling abilities to help you out! The datacrons are fun to get and a great way to improve your character's stats!

Join the Expedition!

You're welcome to pre-designate a role on the team or just come out and make it up as you go! Also, you don't have to RP for this, but you must be RP-friendly to others that do

Here's a picture of the "in character" advertisement:

Here's a video advertisement for the expedition & hunt (ignore the Tuesday, it's now Wednesday):

And here's the finale video of highlights from Season One of the expedition & hunt:

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