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Quote: Originally Posted by Bronholz View Post
It doesn't reinstall the game, what it does is reinstall the latest version of the launcher and setup files. It will recognise the files you have already downloaded.

Did you try running the launcher in safe mode? Same question to the other posters in the thread.

Additionally are any of you using SWTOR Unleashed? This can cause patching issues so please remove this if you are.

Also what Anti-Virus are you using?

Thank you.
I dont use any anti-virus, I don't use any firewalls. I dont surf the net looking for P-o-r-n so I have no use for these game killers. Yes I tried exactly what you said. EVERYTHING. I went from being stuck at 35% to being stuck at 0%.

Thank you for mentioning the garbage known as SWTOR unleashed. I dont use it, but it is still installed I will remove it now and see if it works.
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