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01.23.2013 , 12:59 PM | #27
WOW! It looks amazing. I can't believe the people who say its nothing special. They've clearly gone all out on the scenery, cut-scenes etc. It looks far better than any of the other planets I've seen, and the story sounds pretty epic. I look forward to this.

However I am a little peeved their not continuing class stories. To all those who are asking its pretty obvious they are not, if they were the developers wouldn't have been avoiding that question, and the advertising would clearly state that that was the case. You can tell by all the footage that is going to be a Ilum style planet (but hopefully alot better) with one big, major planet questline that involves all factions and some big characters. Its not new class stories, but I think I'll still enjoy it.

And if this expansion is successful, we will probably see more planets and more class stories in the future.

And a final qualm, although not really one that can be fixed. Its just Makeb looks a little too awesome. I'm not saying BioWare can't deliver, but it may make the other planets look a little sub-standard...

But altogether amazing, I'm looking forward to this and have already preordered. I suggest anyone else who wants new class stories in the future does the same. If this is successful, its a guaranteed Chapter 4.