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01.23.2013 , 12:33 PM | #49
Also missing coins. New player here as well.

Started as F2P about 12/10. Got the digital upgrade pack 12/12 which made me premium and I was given 500 for buying it. Then plugged a code from a retail box on 12/14 to go full subscription. Added a security key 1/03 and got 100 for that. A few days before my initial 30 days ran out I added a 60-day time card. On 1/14 I got 500, presumably for the initial 30 days from the retail box. Have gotten nothing since. I should have also gotten 525 when my 60 days started and have not gotten that yet. Now at 49 days left of my 60 day card and no grant for the card has been seen.