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01.23.2013 , 12:24 PM | #120
I agree the chat has become disgusting. I can understand people wanting or needing info. These guys that come on and swear a blue streak talking to others like they own the damn game. Its getting to the point that I don't even go into or turn on Gen chat. Only to get a group for a heroic. That is it.

Bioware needs to start banning accounts of people that do this and that includes subscribers. It gets sickening to constantly see people bashing each other. I put the number of people in my ignore list that I see doing these things I would not see anyone talking in Gen chat at all most of the time.

Sexual innuendo and religious bashing trash talk racism swearing and depravity are just a start. Do something about this guys. Monitoring it is just a start. I suggest a 24 hour ban then move to a week and then permanent.