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As for those of you saying its a re-roll each time. I understand that, but Im wondering how many of you might not understand odds and statistics. The way it works is like this: Statistically I have a one in 5 chance of hitting a schematic. That means that the more times I attempt and fail, the greater my odds are that I will hit on the next attempt...statistically speaking of course. When you dont hit after 30 or 40 attempts, either the mechanic is broken or you are deep nito a statistical anomally.

If you flipped a coin 10 times and hit heads every time, wouldnt you question whether or not the coin was "rigged"?

I apologise in advance for being harsh here, but do YOU understand statistics? You need a large enough sample size for any sort of "dice roll" statistics to be meaningful.

100 attempts? Nope
1,000 attempts? Nope
10,000 attempts? Better, but not really enough.
100,000 attempts? More likely to statistically average out.
1,000,000 attempts? Now we're talking.

Oh, and here's someone flipping a coin 10 times in a row:

And that only required 1,000 flips to find an unbroken set of 10 times landing on the same side. How many RE's are happening on your sever besides yours? All of these need to be taken into account for your statistics.

And remember, nobody comes to the forum to complain: "Hey, I just RE'ed 3 times in a row and got a schem each time, that doesn't match the 20% tooltip!"