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Guild Name: They Gray Order
Faction: Republic
Focus: Semi-Casual

We are recruiting exceptional players for Operations content, and we will always take casual players who wish to learn and get better and wish to earn a shot at end-game operations content.

We are the top progression guild on the server for both 8M and 16M content prior to NiM EC. With the slow deterioration of the game and need for players who perform at the highest level, we rarely do 16M progression content at the moment unless we are 100% confident with every players ability.

Our claim to fame is World First Operations Target Dummy kill when we were on Sith Meditation Sphere, as well as World 3rd Warstalker Title for 8M NiM EC (done with no PTS copies or practice). We have maintained world top 10 progression as a Semi-Casual raiding guild for the past six months.

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