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However we have already accepted that all Troopers regardless of appearance sound the same so why not included this to new species. We have Pure Blood troopers with the same dialog as a human so it makes sence Kel'dor, Trandoshan and mon cal troopers would have the same dialog. As for the clipping issue I am running on high graphics and my blaster on my back chases me its a good few inches from my back, it goes magicly through objects and everyone knows that jedi training sabers stick right into their butts in training robes and they will impale themselves hundreds of times through the game with the light sabers. If all these clipping issues have yet to be looked at and we accepted them I am sure to play a species we want to play we will accept that some times a Mon Cals hand fins will go through his robes or a Kel'dors mouth might chew into his collar.
Totally agree with you