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01.23.2013 , 11:31 AM | #15
Heard many things, from many trusted sources. If could can a developer, (no offense but not someone quoteing a developer, appreciate trying to help, but I really need to hear it from the hutts' mouth.) please definitively say yes or no to continued class story missions. I really appreciate that. If there isn't going to be gotta say I'm upset about that. Already preordered it, and know I will enjoy it, but that was one of the best parts to me. Some of the faction planet missions were fun, but who enjoyed helping some nameless poor ensign on Dromund Kaas more than say eliminating a rival, or later on in the game doing missions to make your character's place in the galaxy something the NPC's in your story could no longer ignore. Point is I want to hear they're in there, but if they're not I guess we'll see how it goes, and I ask that their be more in the future. Thanks, and as I said looking forward to it either way. will try.