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I see this is a very... confusing double standard

If you want people to have to use chat channels/guilds/friends, etc; to find groups, then how come we can just click a couple times, and get queued up for a Warzone, with no human interaction whatsoever?

Wouldn't it make more sense to either implement a group finder that works similar to the Warzone queueing system; or to make us get a Raid through chat, and march over to Alderaan/Voidstar/whatever planet Huttball is on?
Hell no to this.

A flashpoint is an extended period of time where I'm going to be interacting with other people and I'm stuck with them for the full duration of that event. I for damn sure don't want a bunch of idiots tossed together randomly without having even said a single word to each other first. It reduced WoW dungeons to just watching a bunch of DPSers running forward as fast as they can and bashing their head against a wall until finally it gave way. When they tried to put even the tiniest thing bearing a faint resemblance to challenge into the game, people screamed bloody murder because they had gotten used to just running forward pressing 1 or 2 buttons.

No thanks.